When life gives you lemons, you don’t just make lemonade! 

There are so many benefits from these vitamin C packed fruits.

Along with taking better care of my skin and working out, i’ve also been focusing on taking care of my body from in the inside.  So every morning when I wake up, I start my day with a cup of hot water with lemon squeezed in it.  It is such a good way to detoxify your body and start your day with a nice clean gut.  It helps de-bloat your tummy from any excess salt/junk you had the night before and it helps absorb the nutrients from your breakfast better.

 A few other things LEMON is good for:

  1.  Make a face mask with lemon juice and honey and rub it all over your face to get rid of your blackheads and dark spots.  Your skin will feel baby soft and if you incorporate this into your routine consistently your blackheads and dark spots will disappear!
  2. Squeeze lemon on your apples, pears, and avocados to prevent browning.  When packing Cody and Jeff’s lunches I always squeeze a little bit of lemon juice on their fruit so they won’t brown before lunch time.
  3. Did you know lemon is a natural breathe freshener?  I usually wait to brush my teeth after I finish my morning coffee because I hate coffee breathe!  But sometimes when I need to take my coffee to go or we are having coffee at our favorite coffee shops, drinking water with some lemon squeezed in it helps rid of that nasty coffee breath! Lemon pretty much freshens your breathe anytime it stinks, not just from coffee!

Lemon is just all around good for you and a squeeze a day will definitely keep the Doctor away!


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