Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is almost here, and then soon Christmas will be here.  It’s crazy how the end of the year is coming so fast.  Sometimes I don’t even know how the year goes by so quickly .. which is why I always wish we could just stop time or slow life down.

We need to remind ourselves to just SLOW DOWN more!  Especially as parents, I feel like there is always so much going on in our lives, we forget to enjoy the little moments of life, which are the most important.

Whether its work, sports, extra curricular activities, birthday parties, playdates .. the list can go ON!  We get so wrapped up in our busy schedules that we are always racing through the day instead of taking our time to enjoy each and every moment we have together.

Obviously, as much as I would like to slow down everyday, its impossible to do so.  Nothing would get done and our lives would be a total mess.  So, I am slowly learning that I need to pick and choose when its best to slow it down.  Cody is only going to get older and he’s going to want to spend less time with me and more time with his friends.  So as much as I always have a long list of chores and things to do, I am making it a point to try and follow these 10 ways to slow down life a little more. It’s hard but i’m seriously trying ..

  1. Putting away our electronics.  Whether it’s being on social media or checking emails or even taking a million pictures .. I am totally guilty of being on my phone too much.  As much as I am always monitoring Cody’s electronic time I need to monitor mine as well.  Being off our electronics especially during meal time is a must for us!
  2. Order take out.  As much as I love to cook, sometimes cooking 2-3 meals a day is time consuming and it takes away the time I have with Cody.  Cooking and cleaning the kitchen can sometimes take hours that I would rather be spending with Cody.  So I try to make it a point to either order take out or make a super easy dinner with very minimal clean up just so I can get those extra hours with him.
  3. Put chores on pause.  I usually try to get most of my chores done around the house while Cody is at school.  But when that doesn’t happen I notice I am always doing them when he’s around and wanting to play or do something together.  I notice myself telling him, “ok, after I fold the laundry”, or “hold on I have to clean this first”.  I have to keep telling myself to leave the laundry and/or the dirty dishes in the sink till later.
  4. Read the extra book to Cody when he ask.  Its just an extra book, and it won’t be long till they don’t want/need a book read to them at all. So I have been giving in and reading the extra book when he asks.
  5. Getting on a routine.  I know a routine is hard to follow when you have kids, but being on some kind of routine makes the days go smoother which gives you more time to enjoy together doing something fun.
  6. Have a picnic dinner.  Sometimes doing something a little different like a picnic dinner outside makes dinner more fun.  It’s not as structured like having dinner at the table and you get to enjoy each others company a little more.
  7. Saying no to plans or events.  When you have a jam packed schedule on the weekends with sports games, practices, and parties week after week it becomes something you dread.  The weekends should be made for relaxing and spending the quality time you don’t during the week because of school and work.  So, sometimes saying no to things are a must!
  8. Traditions and family trips.  Setting traditions like weekend coffee dates or visiting the pumpkin patch during October are things to look forward to as a family.  Taking family trips are a way to reset and get away from our busy lives at home.  I know these aren’t always doable but the memories made during these moments and times will never be forgotten.
  9. Laying with Cody before he falls asleep.  At the end of the night when I put Cody to bed, he always makes me lay with him for a little before he falls asleep.  For a while I kept telling him he’s a big boy and needs to fall asleep on his own, but then I started to think about the one day he doesn’t want me put him to bed anymore and that made me so sad.  So, I decided I will!  And as I lay there with him I always ask him to tell me one good and bad thing about his day and I do the same.  This really helps us try and make tomorrow a better day and its also nice to hear about something he enjoyed that day as well.
  10. Spend more quality time doing things they want instead of what you want.  Whether its going outside to play catch or playing a board game together, DO IT, because those are the things they will remember.  Cody has really been enjoying playing a game of HORSE or throwing around the football and his new obsession is playing his new OSMO Hotwheel Mindracer game.  I love trying to beat him in this!

What is it?

“Rev up your Hot Wheels™ cars’ engines at the starting line and, at the signal, hit the accelerator. The race has begun! Now the high-speed competition is on screen, as your cars speed through amazing digital worlds. Throw down game tokens to control your car’s actions and beat the competition. First across the finish line is the undisputed champion of the universe — until the next race!”

What do you learn?

Real-world dexterity

Quick decision-making


This game is super cool and probably the coolest out of all the ones we have from Osmo.  I love that its something we can do together or Cody can do alone.  It’s really fun figuring out a strategy with the different action tokens to try and win the race!  

**You can purchase this Osmo Hot Wheels Mind Racer set here or here.  Also, an iPad is required and if you do not have the iPad base you can purchase that here

I hope everyone can try to slow down the rest of their week with these easy tips!  Life would definitely be more enjoyable and memorable if we weren’t always in such a race.


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