KUWK10: A little of this, a little of that!

It’s 10:30 pm, Sunday night and I just woke up from a 2 hour nap.  I hate taking naps, especially so late at night because now I’m probably going to have a very hard time going back to sleep at a decent hour. I didn’t have work this weekend, which was something to look forward to, since it was my weekend with Cody.  We didn’t have much planned except Jeff (the boyfriend) and I knew we had to run a few errands sometime before the weekend was over.

Saturday we woke up pretty early thanks to our personal alarm clock, Cody!  Made a quick and easy breakfast of  scrambled eggs for Cody and Jeff and got ready for our day.  First stop was to Ikea to get a few props for my photos.  I’ve been wanting one of those furry sherpa rugs for a long time, but never bought one because if it ever got dirty there was no way to really clean it.  Now that I needed to take pics to post on my blog it was the perfect excuse to buy one.  I also bought a wooden cutting board and a few dishes for some food pics.  Ikea was pretty packed since it was the weekend, so we tried to get what I needed and go.  Next stop was Office Depot because Jeff needed to get some supplies to help hang and post notes on for his real estate business.  After, we met a few friends for lunch at Mama Lu’s, which is a dumpling house in Monterey Park, CA.  I wish I took pictures of the food to share but it totally slipped my mind or I was just too hungry to remember. After lunch my two girlfriends and I wanted to check out a new makeup store to get some lashes.  Good thing I have a big car because we ended up taking 4 kids with us.  A little crazy but lucky for us they were all well behaved.  Before heading home we stopped at one of my fave boba locations, Tastea!!!  Cody played with his friends for a little at their house, then we came home because Jeff and I needed to get ready for our night out with friends.  My parents were nice enough to watch Cody for us, THANK YOU!  We went to the W hotel’s rooftop lounge which was a pretty nice place.  We grabbed a few drinks there but ended up walking to Create Nightclub down the street and let me tell you it’s been a long time since I’ve been out clubbing.  After dancing the night away with our friends it was finally time to go home.

kristen wong kristen wong

A few pics from Ikea

 We woke up early Sunday morning again to our personal alarm clock, Cody.  All I wanted to do was sleep in today but of course that wasn’t going to happen.  No hangover for me, but I was definitely tired.  I don’t know how I used to be able to go out every weekend when I was younger, sometimes 2 or 3 nights in a row.  Those days have long gone and after last night I probably won’t be going clubbing for a long long time again.  I relaxed most of the morning with Cody and started my gigantic pile of laundry.  I was dreading going to Costco today because it’s Sunday and everyone knows if you can avoid going there on a Sunday or a weekend at all you should. There was a few things on sale that I needed to get and today was the last day for the coupons, so Jeff and I prepared ourselves by reminding each other that it was going to be packed with long lines and very little walking space.  It was crowded and busy but not too bad and we got everything we needed.  We met a few friends for a late lunch at a Thai place, chilled for a little, and came home to a yummy baby back ribs dinner made by my dad aka Mr. Wong.  Cody kept saying he had a tummy ache so he skipped dinner and laid down till we were done.  The day went by pretty fast because before I knew it, it was time for Cody to take a shower and get ready for bed.  I read him a book, turned off the light and within minutes he was snoring.  I’ve been waiting all day to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (don’t judge) lol but I ended up falling asleep as soon as I put the tv on.  I woke up and realized 2 hours have passed and I still needed to shower and finish up our laundry.  I’m still pretty exhausted and my body feels pretty beat up but it was all worth it, because it’s not often that we get to have fun like that.


Sunday fun day with a few of our faves


Before i end this post I wanted to share a few items i’ve been super in love with!

FullSizeRender 22

  1.  Ello glass bottle with straw:  I love love this cup for my cold brew coffee and it’s perfect to take with me when I’m dropping Cody off at school or running errands.  Also, you know glass is always a better choice then plastic!
  2. Marc Jacobs Perfecting Coconut Face primer:  I was waiting for this primer to be available for months after it came out because every time I went into Sephora or tried to order it online, it was always sold out.  I finally got my hands on it about a month ago and I really love how hydrating it is, and how my foundation looks after I apply it on top of this primer.  It’s lightweight and I love the smell!  The packaging is also super cute and minimalistic which is totally me.
  3. Herbivore Rose Face Mist:  It’s made with organic coconut water which is a plus for me because I am always looking for makeup/beauty products that are made with better ingredients.  You can apply on your face to hydrate, tone, and smooth.  I also like to use this as a setting spray for my makeup.  It adds moisture and gives your face a dewy look.  Also, the smell of rose and hibiscus won me over!
  4. Pink Magnolia Soy Candle:  I found this at Target the other day and fell in love with the scent.
  5. Rosehip Seed Oil:  I just purchased this last week ( thanks to Fashion Lush and The Skinny Confidential for the recommendation) and I can already tell how it’s been helping my skin.  I add a few drops in the morning and night before I go to bed and it has been making my skin look a lot more healthy and less dull.  I also bought it to help with wrinkles and my dark spots so I will keep you posted on the results.
  6. Honest Beauty brightening lotion:  I am always on the hunt for a good moisturizer for brightening or evening out my skin tone.  From being in the sun all my life my skin has definitely paid a price.  My face has so many freckles and dark spots which I hate, so when I received my free trial for Honest Beauty I fell in love with this.  It has faded my spots and I like that it didn’t break out my skin.  Its filled with antioxidants and made with natural ingredients which is also another plus!


This ended up being a lot longer then I expected and now I have to make Cody’s lunch for school and finish up the laundry.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!



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