An Apple A Day ..

After years of wanting an Apple laptop, I finally caved in and bought one.  I was so excited to open my box.  I mean c’mon unboxing anything is pretty exciting but a new Macbook Pro that I bought myself has topped my list of unboxing!  To be honest, my reason for wanting an Apple laptop was mostly for aesthetic purposes and because I thought it would be a simple way to link my iPhone and iPad to it.  Since I have other apple products I thought it only made sense that if I ever bought a new laptop I would get an Apple one.  The price was the only thing holding me back.  I kept thinking about all the other things I could get for the price of an Apple laptop: a new purse, a trip somewhere, even a month’s rent.  Since I knew I was starting my blog I knew I had to buy a laptop ASAP since my last one broke a few years ago.  I’m pretty dumbfounded when it comes to anything tech related so I went to my brother for advice on which one to buy and ended up with this.  I still need to figure out how to use this properly and learn about all its features but overall I am super happy with my purchase!


But after being so excited about my new laptop I stumbled upon this article about Apple which stated that in over 13 years their revenue has declined.  Did I make a bad choice?  Is Apple going down?   The article talks more about the effects iPhones has had on the decline in their quarterly numbers but still.. now I’m a little hesitant and questionable if I chose the right laptop.  What do you think about their financial drop? Read article here.


If anyone has tips for a new Macbook user like me leave me a comment below!








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  • Great article, Kristen! I think you’ll love your new apple computer! I made the switch a few years back and I never looked back. Everything is just so much easier! And about apple stock, I think its an absolute buy right now!

    • Thanks Matt! I love it already, it’s just a lot to learn and figure out! Eventually I will get everything down.