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Hi guys! I guess this is going to be my very first book review and it’s actually part of the reason why I FINALLY decided to start this blog.  This book, along with everyone around me telling me I should start one, finally gave me the courage to do it!  Along with this and any future book reviews, I am also going to try and always include a short children’s book review as well.

I used to be really into reading .. when I was in 2nd grade.  I was so into it and loved reading so much that I was reading at an 8th grade level.  I remember having to go into a 3rd grade reading class during 2nd grade because I was so ahead.  Well that obviously didn’t last long and actually reading during high school was never my strong point.  I never did well on the reading portion of any kind of test.

Over the past few years the only kind of reading I did was in cookbooks, which isn’t much of a read at all.  I’ve been following and reading The Skinny Confidential blog by Lauryn Evarts, for a couple of years and I also have her book.  Recently her boyfriend, Michael Bosstick has decided to join her on snapchat, as well as, writing guest post on her blog. **Follow them on snapchat!!!  He’s super business savvy and he gives a lot of good tips about life and how to be successful.  Along with all his business advice he also gives a lot of book suggestions.  He reads A LOT, like a handful of books a week, and he’s always giving short reviews about them.  He says reading is really good for your mind which I truly believe, so in January I told myself I was going to try and read at least 10 books this year.  I’ve read about 3 books already but this one really caught my eye when they both suggested it and I love books that are inspiring or encouraging in any kind of way.

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I usually try and make myself some organic peppermint tea (good to relax your body and mind), get into bed and read a few pages before I fall asleep.  This usually puts me to sleep pretty quickly so if anyone has trouble falling asleep at night try reading, IT WORKS!

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“Crush It”, by Gary Vaynerchuck (find him on You Tube) really talks about how to monetize on your passion and why now is the best time to do it!  I’m super obsessed with social media, and as much as I hate to admit it I spend a lot of my time scrolling through Instagram and watching You Tube videos.  So why not take your passion and use social media to your advantage? I thought to myself, if i’m on all these social media sites/apps a day already why not be on there and possibly turn that time into something I can potentially monetize for myself.  He gives step by step instructions on where to start and he also gives tons of reasons why you should figure out a way to do what you love and still call it work.


If you have a passion about something, tons of knowledge about it, but don’t know how you can turn that passion into a business of some sort, READ THIS BOOK! I’m sure after doing so you will feel so inspired to do something with that passion just like I did.

Now for all the MOMS reading ..


I recently bought this book for Cody as part of his Easter basket (hence the bunny).  The artist’s drawings in this book drew me in.  Something about them were not only cute but super artistic in the way they portrayed the characters.  “Wolfie, The Bunny” not only has the cutest illustrations, but it has a super cute story about differences and friendship.  Its an easy book for your little ones that are just starting to read as well.  I would totally recommend adding this to your kid’s bookshelves.



cutest little bunny drawings

If you end up reading either of these books let me know how you liked them!

Does anyone have any other good book suggestions? I can always add more to my list!!!!


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