Friday Faves and a Happy New Year!

I know I’m a little late but happy 2017 to you all!

This picture totally captures how 2017 has been. If you follow me on instagram: khaye10 you’ll know we’ve all been sick, which seemed like forever and Cody’s attitude has not been the greatest.

With a rough start to the new year, we are finally starting to get back into our normal routine, Cody’s behavior has been getting better, and I am definitely going to try and get back to posting more consistently on here!  That’s one goal for this year.  Another goal I made for myself is to try to incorporate some kind of exercise into my life.  I’ve never really exercised consistently but this year I really want to add it into my life because even if “I don’t need to lose any weight”, I just want to feel healthy and be healthy and live a really long life for Cody.  One more thing I really want to work on is being present.  I want to try and be in the moment of things, whether its everyday spending a little more time with Cody, putting down my phone more, and saying yes to a lot more things then no.

Now besides feeling like shit (excuse my language) the last few weeks, there have been some things I’m excited to share with you that I am totally in love with.

So on my birthday wish list this year I really wanted a Nespresso machine but I didn’t get one. Weeahhhhhhh! BUT guess what? My family (and my BFF, sorry they beat you to it)  surprised me with one for Christmas!!! I absolutely don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner.  I love waking up and having my almond milk latte in my pjs.  I don’t have to leave my house and I’m sure it saves me some $$$$.  Of course I still love to visit my fave coffee shops on the weekend, but during the week this machine is a lifesaver!  In case anyone is wandering I have this model here and my fave espresso pods are the purple and gold.

Don’t you just love my little barista a whole LATTE!???

I’ve been trying to find a non aluminum deodorant for a while now and they either smell funny or don’t work.  It’s kind of hard to tell if this is going to work in the burning hot summer when i’m sweating balls, but so far it seems to be working well and no signs of any B.O. YET! I got mine HERE.

I discovered a new but old BOBA shop. I guess its been open for a while and I don’t know why i’ve never been until now, but I am totally addicted.  I am SO SO guilty of going almost everyday this past week.

My fave drink to get is the YUMMY PEACHY LYCHEE ( half sugar of course)!

Just received our first package of Tubby Todd products this week and yes they are all natural and organic.  I’ve been wanting to try their soap and lotion for such long time but been putting it off because I’ve been using The Honest Co. stuff for so long.  Cody’s eczema has been really bad for the last few months. It came back on his butt and started to spread down his legs.  This poor guy says its so itchy and is scratching every chance he gets, which also makes it worse.  I have always used The Honest Co. healing balm for little flare ups he would get and it would always work.  This time nothing worked.  I started to read  that Tubby Todd’s products work well for eczema so I finally ordered some.  I love anything lavender so naturally I LOVE the smell of the soap.  I also bought the Dream Cream to put on Cody’s eczema and I think it’s really helping.  I will definitely update on how it goes, but so far I love their products!

It’s a rainy Friday over here which makes me just want to stay in my pjs all day and never leave the house, but unfortunately I have work tonight!  Two more days of work for me before my next day off and I am totally looking forward to that! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


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  • Happy New Year to you and your family! I too have been trying to incorporate some exercise in my life but it’s hard! I have a Nespresso machine and LOVE it to death! I use it every single day and sometimes twice a day. The espresso is just so yummy and a treat for me every morning. I need to try that BOBA place. I am obsessed with boba! I hope to see you soon this year! That’s a resolution I’m making! xoxo, Christine

    • Awww yes we will definitely meet this year, we will make it happen!!! I think i can live off coffee, boba, & carbs! I don’t know how long i’ll live, but at least i’ll be happy!