I can’t believe we are in February already.  This month I really want to focus on LOVE.  I want to surround myself with LOVE, I want to fill Cody’s days and nights with all the extra LOVE I can give.  I want to make sure he knows how much he is LOVED.  I want to try and remember that if everything else in life is failing, LOVE can be the one thing to get you through it.  I want to teach Cody how to show LOVE in all different ways!  I want Cody to know that LOVE is more then just an “I love you”.

I’m going to really try hard to use this month that is full of LOVE  to go above and beyond to try and love more then hate!

Wish me luck!

Now lets get down to my Friday Faves this week.

I am going CAMO crazy for Cody because Zara is killing it in the little boys section!  Look at how cute these joggers are!  And this hoodie is to die for!

If you follow me on instagram you will know how obsessed I am with my Nespresso machine.  And now the bundle is on sale at Costco for $25 off.  It is such a good deal and if you don’t have one you need one!

I’ve been living in this parka all Winter long.  I love the olive green color, I love how warm its been keeping me, and I love that it’s the perfect length!  Get it while you still can!

I stumbled upon this article about how your relationships as parents affect how your kids will be in relationships when they grow up.  And I think it explains everything perfectly.  Read it and I think you’ll agree.

Last thing is I just started watching This Is Us this week and I fell in love with the show.  I’ve heard it was good but I didn’t know how good it was until I watched it for myself.  If you need a new show to binge watch, this is the one!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Super Bowl weekend.  I don’t really care much about football but I love EATING all the Super Bowl food!




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