Friday Favorites

Halloween is over and the CUBS won the WORLD SERIES, which is a big thing in baseball world since they haven’t won since 1908!  This week went by super fast and now we are welcoming November with open arms.  I’ve been super busy around here and today’s Friday Favorites are a few random things I’ve been loving lately!

I’ve been living in this cardigan, especially since the weather has cooled down a little over here! If you’re following me on snapchat (khaye10)  you’ll see how many times i’ve worn this already.

I’ve also been living in these basic tees from Forever 21. I bought them in grey and white and I bought 2 of each.  They’re cheap but so so soft and even after washing multiple times they still kept their size and shape.  Not bad Forever!

These chips have been re-stocked over and over in my cabinets for months and I’m still addicted to them.  The only store around me that carries them is Sprouts and I usually empty their shelves and buy whatever they have because I love them that much and they are kind of hard to find.  You guys have to try!

I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but the thing I look forward most to on my days off, is that I don’t have to wear makeup.  It’s nice to let my face breathe and since most of my days off are filled with either picking up Cody from school or running errands I don’t feel the need to wear any.  What makes me feel a little better about not wearing any makeup is Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream and Benefit’s PoreFessional primer, which hides all those nasty pores!

Totally loving this mama’s lifestyle blog right now!  I love LOVE her style because it’s always so cute and comfy which is definitely my kinda style as well.  Check her out!!

November is going to be another busy month with my birthday, Cody’s basketball games and practices every Saturday and Sunday, and the Thanksgiving holiday but i’m so excited to hurry and get through it so we can start all the Christmas activities!  I mean if Target can start selling Christmas decorations in October why can’t I start listening to Christmas music now??

Mostly looking forward to Cody’s first game this Sunday! Excited and nervous at the same time.  Hope everyone else has a great weekend!



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