Friday Favorites

This week has been a little bit crazy and chaotic.

First off I dropped my phone on Monday and my screen completely shattered.  I had to take it to get fixed right away because the glass was chipping and cutting my finger while using it.  The worst part was not only was it going to cost more to fix because I have an iPhone 6s plus but because my LCD screen was broken too.  What a waste of $200.00! Its fixed now and I also have a glass screen protector in case I drop it again, which I hope never happens!

Also, with the Election this week, everyone around me seems to be very angry and stressed about Donald Trump becoming our President.  I’m not big on politics but to be honest reading everyone’s post the day after on social media kind of irritated me.  Our President is who it is for the next 4 years and with everyone’s hateful comments and anger towards this, I really believe it’s sending the wrong message to our kids, to our enemies, to our friends. And if we are going to live here the best thing to do is come together and make the place we live the best it can be!  Less HATE and more LOVE please!

Ending this week of craziness with a few Friday Favorites that have been helping me get through these stressful few days!

This sweater has been on repeat, keeping me warm and cozy during the cold mornings while I drop Cody off to school.  It’s super soft and comfy!

If you don’t know velvet is a Fall must have and since i’ve been eyeing these velvet sneakers for a few weeks I finally decided to get them.  Similar here, here, and here.

Ayesha Curry’s cookbook came out a couple weeks ago and I am loving her recipe for Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal .  It’s perfect for breakfast in the morning, since apples are in abundance in our house during the Fall!

I just ordered this Design Your Own Maze from Seedling for Cody as one of his Christmas gifts!  It looks so cool and I love toys that are educational and use his creativity.

I’m so excited to go to my favorite donut shop (Sidecar Donuts) today.  It’s a little far, 50 minutes away to be exact.  I don’t get to go often so when I do, it’s always so hard to choose because I want it all!  Their maple bacon and vanilla twist are my fave.  Their donuts are made in small batches throughout the day so they are always hot and fresh. Mmmmm my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

This week is ending in such a sadness with all the hate and negativity going on about the elections, so I’m leaving you with a few words ..



Something everyone should be thinking about especially with this being the month of Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone’s weekend is filled with extra positivity and good vibes!


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