Hi guys!

I seriously can’t believe the year is almost over, 2 more months to be exact!  I know I say this every year but time seriously flies by and the days and months seem to go by so quickly these days it’s hard to keep up.

This week my FRIDAY FAVORITES are going to be the most randomest things ever.

First off, i’ve been super into listening to podcast.  I love listening to them in the car while i’m driving or while i’m cleaning around the house.  One of my favorite mommy bloggers, Chrissy Powers, just started her own podcast called SURE BABE. I finally finished all 5 podcast and I love how inspiring, uplifting, and real they are! I’ve already fallen in love with her instagram feed and blog and now her podcast.  Her and her family are from sunny San Diego and she is a mama to 2 adorable boys!  Check her podcast and blog out!

I saw a few mamas making these cute monster rice krispy treats this week and I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this idea myself, but they are super cute and look pretty easy!  I might even take a short cut and buy the premade rice krispy treats (that I hate) if I don’t have time to make mine from scratch.  Can’t wait to make these with Cody this weekend!

I’ve had a problem with jaw clenching for a really long time.  I notice its more of a problem when i’m stressed out or when I haven’t been getting enough sleep.  I’ve also done some research about it and while clenching my jaw it also makes the muscles around that area inflamed and and tense.  This will also cause me to get the worst knots in my neck and shoulders, as well as headaches and jaw pain.  In order to relieve some of that inflammation and soreness in my jaw I started using an ice roller.  I use it every morning for about 20 minutes which helps.  The ice roller is also good for tightening of your skin, shrinking your pores, tired eyes, and wrinkles.  I bought mine on Amazon.

MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER // I don’t wear makeup everyday anymore but I never really used something specific to remove it when I do.  When I put my full face of makeup on, I started using makeup wipes followed by my normal face wash but overtime I began to realize that I don’t think i’m getting deep into my pores enough to remove everything.  So I started to hear about this Micellar Water and how it’s like a magnet for dirt and makeup.  It’s super cheap and can be found at Target or any drug store, so of course I had to try it.  I use it after I wash my face and I noticed that sometimes i’ll see a little bit of makeup on the cotton ball, which could have been left on my face if I didn’t add this step to my skin routine.  So far, i’m loving it and even if there isn’t makeup on my cotton ball, this makes sure I get all the dirt and makeup off my skin!

See, I told you this week’s faves were going to be random!  This weekend is going to be another packed weekend with 2 birthday parties, work, Cody’s basketball game, and practice. I’m really hoping I get a chance to check out this coffee shop i’ve been eyeing, MARU COFFEE. (hint hint Jeffrey Hsieh)

Have an awesome weekend guys!



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