KUWK10: MDW & a bunch of first

Hi guys!  How was everyone’s MDW?

Before I go on about my MDW I first want to say thanks to all the ones who have served and fought for our country.  We wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this long weekend if it wasn’t for them. It is unfortunate that some had to sacrifice their lives for us but I am glad we reserve at least one day for everyone to remember how much not only them, but their families as well, have given up for this country.

This MDW was a little different for me because I was actually off for all 3 days and I was super happy that I got to spend it with Cody.  I definitely made sure our weekend was filled with tons of activities and fun stuff.


I woke up Saturday morning and made breakfast biscuit sandwiches, which were so YUMMY! Since we’ve been planning to move out by the end of summer I decided to go and look at a few places with one of my girlfriends and her son.  Let’s just say it was exhausting and unsuccessful.  It’s so hard when you’re looking for a place within a certain budget, but you are also very picky in how you want it to look.  By the time we were done, the kids were obviously restless and bored so we took them to get some ice-cream for being so patient with us.  This was the first of new things this weekend.  We found a new ice cream spot in our neighborhood called, Sweet Lab.

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Sweet Lab (cookies and cream & hong kong waffle)

We ordered the hong kong waffle cone filled with ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.  If you aren’t familiar with a hong kong waffle, it’s basically a sweet egg batter waffle puff that is crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.  It’s the perfect pairing for ice-cream and it was Cody approved!  Later that night we tried a new spot for dinner, Junkabok by Mokkoji.

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Junkabok by Mokkoji (pork and potato stew)

I’ve had it bookmarked for a couple weeks and i’ve been dying to try it.  It’s a Korean pork restaurant which is much different from any other Korean spot i’ve tried.  We ordered the garlic pork ribs, pork and potato stew, and kimchee fried rice in a clay pot.  Everything was so good but being that it was our first time, we definitely weren’t aware of the large portions.  We ended up taking home a lot of leftovers and I would definitely go back to try their other dishes!  Cody and I spent the night playing with his marble set and watching half of  Captain America: Winter Soldier, before he fell asleep.


Sunday was going to be a fun-filled day with lots to do.  We had a birthday party to go to and we were also planning to meet some friends at the Santa Anita MDW carnival.  Before those 2 things I wanted to have brunch at a small place in Echo Park called Dinette .  

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Dinette LA (avocado toast and waffle w/ fruit)

It’s one of my favorite places to get avocado toast.  I love how simple their food is yet everything taste soo delicious.  Since we were in that area, i’ve also been wanting to check out Echo Park Lake.  Another first, since we’ve never been there.  I always see it when we are driving past that area on the freeway and I never knew what it was until I looked it up a couple weeks ago.  It wasn’t very crowded with people and the lake had a nice waterfall in the middle.  It’s a nice place to take your kids to run around or to have a nice picnic.  We didn’t have much time here but next time I want to take Cody on the cycle boats that people were riding around the lake.

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We headed to the birthday party and stayed for an hour or so then met our friends at the carnival.  It was super hot and sunny, so Cody went on a few rides with his friend, played a few games, and then we left.  After the carnival we were going to pass by a new boba shop i’ve also been wanting to try, so we made a quick stop there.  The place is called Nest Tea House and after my first time, it just might be my new addiction.  I got the guava green tea and it was so refreshing!

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Nest Teahouse (guava green tea 75% sugar)

We ended our Sunday with a bbq with friends and by the end of the night I was super exhausted from all that we did.


We didn’t have much planned for today so we woke up and had breakfast at Nano’s in Monrovia.  Since we were near Arcadia again, and I couldn’t stop thinking about my bomb ass drink from the day before, we made a quick stop there to get a guava green tea.  It’s never a good thing when I really like something because i’ll end up wanting it everyday!    We chilled and relaxed until our friend’s bbq at night.  It was a school night for Cody plus I had tons of stuff to do to get ready for the week, so we called it an early night and said goodbye to our long weekend of fun!

This MDW was full of firsts for us and i’m glad to say none of them disappointed!

Oh yea one more first for the weekend!! Turning my 6 year old into my personal photographer … and I must say he did a pretty darn good job!

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