Mommy Confessions With Osmo Pizza Co.

As Summer is coming to end, I am feeling a little relief that Cody will be back in school learning and playing with his friends for half of the day.

I’ve noticed that as Cody gets older it is a lot harder to keep him occupied with things other then his iPad, video games, and TV.  This Summer I tried to get him out of the house as much as I could.  We went to museums, the movies, parks, swimming, Dave n Busters, the beach .. but there are some days when I needed to stay home to do things around the house or I was just too damn tired to go anywhere.  Because lets face it, being a mom is tiring!

MOMMY CONFESSION: This is where the mom guilt comes in.  The days I let him watch way too much TV or use his iPad way too long I start to feel like i’m being a BAD mom.  I mean there’s only so much workbook sheets, reading, and chores I can have him do before he absolutely HATES me!

But then Osmo saved the day again!!  I love how Osmo always comes through with the best games that actually teach your kids something, yet still seems like so much FUN!

Cody is seriously loving the new Pizza Co game by Osmo.  First of all, pizza is one of his top fave foods in the world, so that was a plus.  Also, this kid loves anything to do with money.  Fake money, real money, he’s all about it!  And you know i’m a yes to anything that keeps him entertained for more then 30 minutes!

What is Osmo Pizza Co?

It teaches kids how to run their own pizza shop by quickly cooking pizzas & calculating change using toppings & money tiles. They will learn to invest their profits to upgrade their shop as they bake their way to becoming “the big cheese”!

It also teaches them real life math skills such as addition, subtraction, and fraction skills all at a fast pace, while making pizzas and giving change.

It also gets them familiarized with nonverbal communication.  They will learn how to decipher how customers like their pizza from the facial and body language they make as they lay down toppings. Get it wrong and they’ll receive a grumpy review, but get it right and they’ll be ecstatic!

Lastly, it teaches them about entrepreneurship and gives them a little feeling of being the BOSS!!

Why do you like Osmo Pizza Co, Cody?

“I get to earn money to decorate my pizza shop!”


If you wanted any additional info about Osmo, I did a post about what it is and their Coding Jam game here or you can visit their website .

You can purchase their game and their base on their website or Amazon!


Playing this game all day made us crave PIZZA so we are on our way to get some for lunch!  Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!

xoxo-k10 & Cody






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