Monday Must Haves

Happy Halloween everyone!!!  The weekend was extremely busy and went by way too fast as usual, but we are ready to get through this week and enter my BIRTHDAY month!

Here’s a few pictures from the weekend ..

halloween must haves

halloween must haves

halloween must haves

Since this week is the start of my birthday month I thought i’d make my Monday must haves a few things on my birthday wishlist!

So, I am really petite, 4’10 to be exact and it is really hard to find a cross body bag that sits at the perfect place on me.  When I discovered this YSL one, I fell in love with the simple yet classic look and even more that it is the perfect length on me.  I haven’t found anything else that has a chain as short as this, which definitely sold me.  Now I can’t decide which color, black with silver hardware or dusty rose with silver hardware?

All of my sneakers are black and white and I wear a lot of black clothes so i’ve been wanting a sneaker with a pop of color.  When I found these bronze colored Nikes that look rose gold I just about died!

 So everyone should know by now, how much I need caffeine to function.  I absolutely need coffee everyday and especially when I wake up in the morning.  I usually buy a big bottle of my fave cold brew or if I find good coffee beans I will make my own cold brew (recipe on how I make my own here).  But with the cold mornings sometimes I feel like a hot latte hits the spot and i’ve been eyeing this Nespresso machine for about a year.  I’ve put off buying it because I wasn’t sure if I absolutely needed it or would use it for that matter but I tried a few of the pods recently and I LOVE them.  I’m guessing I would save a lot more money as well if I made my own lattes most of the week.

Every girl needs a classic black pump in their closet.  I already have a pair of black Louboutins but i’ve always really loved these black Valentino Rock Stud heels.  They have an edgy feel to them which totally fits my style and I feel like they can add the perfect touch to any basic outfit.

These days my style has been very laid back and I usually wear a tee and leggings, sometimes jeans if I don’t wanna totally bum it.  During the summer or hotter months I usually wear some kind of sandals since they are easy and on the go.  I’ve noticed that with lack of time for pedicures and cooler weather i’ve been needing to wear actual shoes.  I usually wear something thats a slip on or something to put on quick so these classic Vans are perfect.  I am so glad these Old Skool Vans came back.

As I was making this list i realized I actually had a lot of shoes on it.  I’ve been going back and forth about these Gucci mules. Do I like them? Do I not? They look so cute on everyone but can I pull them off?  After months of seeing these on so many girls .. I think I can finally admit that YES I really am in love with them.  For me I can usually tell if I really like something because even after months of contemplating, if I still can’t get them out of my head then they are a YES for me.

birthday wishlist




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