Summer To Do List & OSMO CODING JAM


Even though Cody still has a few more days of school left we are already counting down the days to sleeping in and staying up late.  I actually really dislike the Summer heat, but I love the longer days that Summer brings.  Cody and I always make a to-do list when Summer break comes and we always enjoy checking things off once we finish them!

Our Summer to-do list 2017:

go swimming

go to the park

play basketball

eat ice cream

go on a hike

have a sleepover with Ayden

hang out with friends

have a picnic

go to Las Vegas

play video games

play Osmo Coding Jam

go on a coffee date with mommy

make homemade popsicles

go rock climbing

play with fireworks

have a water balloon fight

go to a museum

go to the beach

ride on a train

go to the fair

I am so glad we get to add Osmo Coding Jam game to our to-do list.  When we received it in the mail Cody couldn’t wait to open it and get started.  He’s really into music and singing along to the songs on the radio, so this was going to be perfect for him.  Before I could even read how to use it, he seemed to figure it out on his own.  The songs that you can create using the magnetic coding blocks seem to be endless and kids can get so creative with them.

What is Osmo?

“Osmo is a unique gaming accessory for the iPad that comes with games that will change the way your child plays.”

So, what is Coding Jam?

“Coding Jam is a creative coding product. It expands on the Osmo Coding Language by adding six brand new Coding blocks, allowing players to explore even more computational concepts like subroutines and nested repeats. Players snap together Coding blocks to create unique musical Jams, across over 18 different unique and exciting worlds.”

“It’s a fun way to learn how to code, while gaining intuition for an entirely new side of music. Instead of playing an instrument, kids get to program multiple musicians to play their instruments, much like how composers write music for musicians to play. It’s a game to start, but quickly becomes an engaging and intuitive tool to create your own musical Jams.”

What is your favorite thing about Coding Jam, Cody?

“My favorite thing about the Coding Jam game is unlocking new characters to sing.  I like playing this game because I get to make my own music and dance to it!”

For any additional information about the Osmo Coding Jam game or to see what other games they have, you can visit their website !

Your can purchase the base and this game on their website or Amazon.

xoxo-K10 & Cody

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  • Sounds like a whole lot of fun! One other thing u might want to put on ur list, is a visit to the Butterfly Pavilion next to the Natural History Museum. I use to take my little one there all the time, she loved it.