Why we try to avoid food dyes in our diet

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So FOOD DYES are something I have been trying to avoid for quite a while now.  They are found in everything and anything around you.  Cereal, sugary drinks, candies, cookies, ice cream and even your daily vitamins.  Its not a big deal until you read about all the studies that people have done.  And isn’t it crazy that most food dyes are banned in other countries?

Food dyes are just so unnecessary!! They add no value to your foods, except that they hide the loss of color that happens when foods touch air or have been cooked.  It might not be aesthetically pleasing to you or your kids, especially when everyone is so drawn to bright colors in food, but all they do is harm you.  Everyone, especially kids are used to the mass market where everything is so colorful and bright.  And they seem to think that everything taste better because of its outside appearance.  Obviously, thats not always true!

I really got into eliminating dyes in our diet as much as I could, after I had Cody.  Of course there are times when Cody will have candy from a birthday party we went to or he’ll go out with friends for the day and we obviously can’t monitor everything while eating out.  It took a while to adjust to reading labels but eventually you get used to it and you know which products are going in your shopping cart and which are not.


Food dyes are made from petroleum.

Blue #1 causes chromosomal damage.

Blue #2 is linked to brain tumors.

Green #3 causes bladder tumors.

Red #3 which is found in most cherry flavored products and sausage/hot dog casings has been linked to thyroid tumors and chromosomal damage.

Red #40 is the most commonly used food dye and causes hyperactivity in kids, lymphomas, and chromosomal damage.

Yellow #5 causes asthma, insomnia, allergies, neuro-chemical behavior problems, thyroid cancer, and lymphomas.

Yellow #6 is linked to eczema, hives, asthma, ADHD, allergies, and hyperactivity in children.

There have been many test that when these food dyes are mixed with a preservative called SODIUM BENZOATE it causes definite behavioral issues in kids.

Luckily there are many brands and companies that have started to change their products and remove food dyes.

And DO NOT WORRY, there are plenty of natural ways to add color to your food!

  • beets
  • carrots
  • spinach
  • pumpkin
  • berries
  • red cabbage
  • turmeric
  • saffron
  • paprika

After discovering all of these negative affects of food dyes I REALLY hope that you consider changing some of the items in your pantry and fridge.  YOUR KIDS WILL THANK YOU LATER!!

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